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Amazon will no longer be left behind by Apple and Google when it comes to raking in the money with in-app purchases. They have just rolled out in-app purchases on their application store. You might not see any applications on their app store using in-app purchases just yet, but they have given developers the ability to add it, and you can safely assume that developers will start adding them in to their apps as soon as possible.

Developers will receive 70% of all revenue generated from in-app purchases, while Amazon will pocket the remaining 30%. This seems to be the industry standard for mobile applications, and it is good to see Amazon not bucking the trend by raising or lowering the amount.

For people purchasing from the app store, it will use the same purchasing functions as Amazon customers are used to. They will stick with their 1-click payment system, which makes it easy for buyers to get what they need and get back to using their application.

Amazon’s app store director said, “Many of Amazon Appstore’s customers have shopped with Amazon before and they trust Amazon’s easy payment process, which leads to higher conversion of developers’ in-app content and subscriptions“. This is likely to work well for them, as Amazon is one of the major go-to shopping destinations on the Internet.

Keep your eyes on Amazon’s app store, because in-app purchases should start popping up soon enough.


Source: Cnet

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