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In what is sure to disappoint many avid Kindle users, Amazon, in accordance with Apple’s new rules for its iOS devices, removed the links to its online store which appeared on the last page of sample versions of Kindle ebooks in the Amazon e-reader. When users tap these links they get a “not currently supported” message. This means users will now have to manually type or copy and paste the title of a book and search for it on Amazon via a web browser or on one of Amazon’s free iOS store apps, including the new Kindle Store app.

But perhaps to soften this blow, Amazon has added social network integration in the 2.8 version update of its popular e-reader app. Now users can send links to quotes and long passages from Kindle e-books in the e-reader app.

The passage or quote will not appear directly on your Twitter or Facebook account, but instead will be posted and linked to your Kindle account. You get the option within the e-reader application to add a note before posting your Tweet or Facebook update.

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You can share up to a full page of selected content, and it’s easy as selecting the text as you do for highlighting it. The new feature, however, does have an unstated limitation on how many times content can be shared from a particular Kindle e-book. If you go over your limit, you will be denied sharing for that particular e-book.

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