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free audio dramaLong, long ago, it was very common to sit around the radio and listen to the latest episodes of old-time radio dramas Play James Bond Text Adventure To See If You Could Work For MI6 Play James Bond Text Adventure To See If You Could Work For MI6 If you're of a certain age you'll be aware of text adventures. These simple games were both fun and frustrating in equal measure, requiring the player to use stock commands to guide the character through... Read More and serials (like The Shadow). However, when people were able to put a picture with the image, it seemed as though that form of entertainment started to fade. Rather than fictional dramas, radio stations started broadcasting more music Your Weekly Music Mix: 10 Free MP3 Albums [Sound Sunday] Your Weekly Music Mix: 10 Free MP3 Albums [Sound Sunday] Read More and news (and eventually morning zoo radio…)

However, a select few have taken to the Internet to bring back this old form of entertainment. Riding on the shoulders of old-form broadcast giants, there has been a rebirth of fictional audio drama Which Podcasts Do You Listen To? [You Told Us] Which Podcasts Do You Listen To? [You Told Us] Despite the fact that podcasts really aren't good for productivity - it's hard to work when people are talking in your lugholes - I cannot get enough of these digital audio episodes. There are just... Read More . Fortunately for you, MakeUseOf has taken the time to find a research some of the best free audio drama selections out there. So grab the kids and gather around the old laptop – it’s time for the MUO Audio Drama Hour.

The Audio Drama Directory

free audio drama

The Audio Drama Directory offers a wide selection of radio dramas for just about every type of listener. With categories that range all the way from comedy to fan fiction 3 Examples Of The Most Awkward Fan Fiction Found Online 3 Examples Of The Most Awkward Fan Fiction Found Online We all know about fanfic, and there are generally two sides to it – you either love it or you hate it. However, when I first sat down to write this thing, I asked myself,... Read More to thrillers, you’re likely to never get bored! (in fact, you’ll even find a few old time radio shows here). Regarding quality, most of the shows I found are well-produced, and although none of them are actually hosted on the site itself, going to off-site links wasn’t much of a nuisance.

As an added note, if you are interested in producing your own show (and it’s free), you can submit it to the site with the possibility of getting your very own link. Additionally, the directory offers a rating system much like the MPAA movie rating guide for those of you looking for something for the kids.

The Minister Of Chance

free audio drama


Featuring several established names Tweeting The Laughs: The 10 Funniest Comedians On Twitter Tweeting The Laughs: The 10 Funniest Comedians On Twitter Everybody needs to laugh from time to time. Life would be pretty dire without humor to lighten the dark moods that haunt many of us for periods of time. That's why there are so many... Read More  (including Sylvestor McCoy and Jenny Agutter), The Minister of Chance is defined as a “sonic movie” set in a spinoff world from Doctor Who. That said, it’s produced like a movie, but the one thing missing is a camera! Aside from that, every single bit of the drama from the dialogue to the film score is meant to be like a film.

The sinister radio-like show is fairly well-produced (sounding very much like an actual film when you’d least expect it). Coming from the sci-fi fantasy genre, the show offers decent dialogue and drama in a brink-of-war type situation.

The project itself is entirely funded by its listeners, so if you enjoy it, you could consider donating to the production. That said, episode timing is entirely bent on available funds.

The Wireless Theatre Company

audio drama podcast

Acting as a modern Mercury Theatre (of classic Orson Welles fame), the Wireless Theatre Company presents a great selection of radio-inspired plays to listen to on a relatively cluttered blog-like page. Despite the web design What Is a Website Wireframe & How Can It Help You Develop Your Website? What Is a Website Wireframe & How Can It Help You Develop Your Website? On a technical level, a modern website isn’t just one thing. It’s a complex soup of interacting technologies, such as HTML (the markup you see on the page), JavaScript (the language running in your browser,... Read More , don’t let it deter you from listening to the well-produced audio creations that are on the site.

That said, the content ranges from the outlandish to the dramatic, and there are even a few great actors found here. (For instance, Stephen Fry himself is included in a BBC-related cameo…)

Disclaimer: You do have to log in if you want to listen to the full shows. Although this is a minor (seemingly unnecessary) obstacle, I’d say it’s worth it.

audio drama podcast

Affectionately referred to as iSoaps, publishes a few free audio books for the listener on the go. After signing up and subscribing, the web service will send you installments of your favorite selections to whatever modern Internet-accessible device you happen to have. That said, my only frustration is that you actually have to sign up with the site to look at anything. In my ideal Shangri-La world, I’d have all of the audio books Flipboard Adds iBookstore To Magazine App Content [Updates] Flipboard Adds iBookstore To Magazine App Content [Updates] The popular magazine style and RSS feed mobile app, Flipboard has added Apple iBookstore and Books categories to its list of Content Subscriptions and recommendations. The new iBooks section consists of two dozen book categories... Read More publicly available with the subscription option accessible only through a sign-up process.

All that said, there are only six series available for you to listen to. However, with a consistently updated free service, it really shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Pendant Productions

audio drama podcast

Similar to The Wireless Theatre Company, Pendant Productions is devoted to offering a consist anthology of audio productions for loyal listeners. Also similarly, the site’s design is looking pretty rough. But even still, this is a site for audio productions – not CSS How To Manage Your Website From Your Mobile Or Tablet How To Manage Your Website From Your Mobile Or Tablet Read More tips. I liked the quality found here, but admittedly, I felt as if it was a little difficult to actually find the shows. The front page is a confusing messy mix of updates, and it can hard to find the simple list of what shows are available (it’s on the left-hand side).

Of course, don’t let the navigation and awkward site design make you fret. The production quality is on par with every other site found here. Sha-bam.

free audio drama itself is meant as more of an educational Khan Academy Releases New App For iPhone & iPod Touch [Updates] Khan Academy Releases New App For iPhone & iPod Touch [Updates] Students who like to learn on the go will get a fillip with the launch of Khan Academy’s new app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Now, nearly 3500 videos, let’s call them micro-lectures, on video... Read More site, but hidden deep in the recesses of its many audio files are a few classic radio shows for the nostalgic listener. Granted, there aren’t many link sources available. At the time that this is being written, there are only around four big ones. However, they are definitely audio gold, and the links often lead to stashes of multiple plays that are worth listening to.

Here, you’ll find productions including Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre and renditions of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Bonus: Look around and you’ll be able to listen to the classic panic-inducing War of the Worlds broadcast.


These are just a few audio drama sites that you can find on the web. Personally, I’m just pleased with the modern quality of an old form of entertainment!

What other free audio dramas do you like to listen to? Do you have your own online audio drama?

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