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Last week we asked you all to tell us how many open-source programs you used on a weekly basis How Many Open-Source Programs Do You Use Weekly? [MakeUseOf Poll] How Many Open-Source Programs Do You Use Weekly? [MakeUseOf Poll] We know MakeUseOf readers love freeware and open-source software. So, we want to know how much you really use? Each week, you probably cycle through most of your favorites, so how many are there? Let... Read More . Since most readers around here love free software, we’re not at all surprised to note most readers use 6-10 open-source programs per week.

With a total of 360 votes, responses were divided as follows: 35% use 6-10 open-source programs per week; 21% use 1-5 open-source programs weekly; 19% use 11-20 open-source programs; 11% use 21-50 open-source programs per week; while a staggering 11% use 50+ open-source programs per week; just 2% of readers use no open-source programs at all.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

It looks like most MakeUseOf readers have 6-10 favourite open source programs which get used on a weekly basis, but an elite number of users use quite a few open-source programs per week.

This week’s poll question is: Do You Have An Always-On Internet Connection?


It seems for a lot of games these days, users are expected to have a reliable always-on internet connection in order to play the game. We’re wondering just how many people would be inconvenienced by this attitude: Have you got a reliable always-on internet connection? Or do you use a sporadic connection? Is your internet unreliable?

What do you think about these gaming companies expecting you to have always-on internet connections in order to play their games? Does it affect you? Are there games you know you won’t buy because you just can’t play them using your internet connection? Let us know!

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