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2d airplane shooting gamesIn December of last year, I introduced readers to TIGdb (The Indie Games Database) in an article all about MMOs 5 Sites To Find Fun And Free Massively-Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) 5 Sites To Find Fun And Free Massively-Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) Though possibly the most popular, the world of MMOs spans far beyond the realms of Everquest and World of Warcraft. There are hundreds to thousands of well-developed and even free online games for you and... Read More . Through that awesome directory and the ease-of-use of Steam, I was put on to one of my favorite games on the entire Internet. I never would have thought it’d be an indie game, either.

There aren’t many quality 2D games around anymore. People seem to think that because the 3D technology is available to us, that it’s the only design platform we should use. Erik and Karl of Nimbly Games seem to think much differently, and I appreciate that. That appreciation and the quality of this game has me wanting to share it with you.

Check Out Altitude’s Official Website

Straight from their wiki, here is a perfect description of what makes Altitude such a quality game:

The best multiplayer 2D aerial combat game on the Internet, Altitude is a fierce contest of ace vs. ace, battling for supremacy of the skies in a fast-paced combat that is way more fun than a flight simulator. It is a game of steely nerves, hair-trigger reflexes and brilliant tactical thinking. With five unique planes to choose from and an online community that will provide you with hours of entertainment, the game will stretch you to the limit from the upper reaches of the stratosphere and the relics of a long forgotten city, to within the deepest hollows of underground caverns.

Best of all, Altitude is completely free. You can optionally pay for additional perks and unlockables, but the game can be played very competitively under the “demo.”

2d airplane shooting games

Five Unique Planes

Altitude’s gameplay is made very dynamic as players are able to select and play as one of five planes, customized with three perks that you can choose from before each round.


2d airplane games

There is the Loopy, which is an agile plane that is able to fire a tracking missile and an AoE grenade. There’s the Bomber, a “heavy” plane that behaves a lot like a tank and shoots out powerful grenades. The Miranda is the weakest plane, but the best if you want sharp control. Its primary weapon is a laser, which is a high-powered energy beam that takes a lot of practice to become skilled with. There are other planes, and many other perks and powerups.

Fun Game Modes

In the same way that first-person shooters operate, Altitude has put together a number of game modes that will keep the experience fresh and fun.

2d airplane shooting games

Competitive Gameplay

Although you can find casual, newbie servers, Altitude really shines when it comes to league and competitive play.

The community isn’t huge, but it’s enough so that you can log on at any given time and jump into a game. The “elite” community is really close to each other and Nimbly does a great job of keeping the game’s progress moving.

Give this game a look. Nimbly Games did a really solid job putting Altitude together, and I have a huge interest in keeping any still-breathing 2D game alive. You can download Altitude at their official website or you can even get Altitude on Steam. Please let me know what you think of the game in the comments!

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