AlternativeTo: Find Alternative Software & Web Apps

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AlternativeTo is a website which allows you to find alternative software and online tools to any Windows, Mac, Linux and web application. You simply enter the name of the application you want to replace and the site will give you a list of what it believes to be equally good or even better alternatives.

alternativeto   AlternativeTo: Find Alternative Software & Web Apps

The site also lets you browse applications by category (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, web apps etc) and filter them by license type (free or commercial). And if you are willing to contribute there are options to suggest applications, rate and leave your comments.


  • Find alternative software and online tools.
  • Browse site by categories and filter by license type.
  • Suggest a new application, rate apps and leave comments (registered users)
  • Similar websites: Dooblet and Wakoopa.

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