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pollsLast week we asked you how you prefer to read your books How Do You Prefer To Read Your Books? [MakeUseOf Poll] How Do You Prefer To Read Your Books? [MakeUseOf Poll] The world of books has gone through a dramatic change over the last few years. It started with cheap paper books that ship for free all over the world, continues with e-ink eReaders such as... Read More . The results showed that the world is not yet completely sold on eReaders: the number of voters who read only paper books is about equal to the number of voters who use eReaders exclusively.

Out of 490 voters, 30% read only paper books, 16% prefer e-ink eReaders, 11% like the new kids on the block: the tablet eReaders, 34% use an eReader, but also enjoy a paper book from time to time, and 8% are still in the process of deciding what the best reading method is.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

While a third of the voters think eReaders are the best, another third prefer paper books. Having said that, a whopping 62% reported they use an eReader of some kind, whether exclusively or not. This means eReaders are definitely popular, but a rather large portion of the voters still don’t want nothing to do with them.

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This week’s poll question is: What Do You Think About Alternative Keyboard Layouts?


If your first reaction is “what?”, you’re probably not alone. A huge majority of computer users use Qwerty as their keyboard layout; it’s the default in almost every keyboard in the world, and everyone is used to it. But there are at least two more layouts out there, Colemak and Dvorak, and according to the people who use them, they’re actually better. So what do MakeUseOf readers think of them?

If you use an alternative layout, which one do you use? What makes it better? What are the reasons for switching or for staying with Qwerty? Share your opinions!

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