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Did you know that you can use almost all special text symbols from your keyboard in Windows using a combination of the Alt key and a few numbers? You can now get information on these number codes for special symbols on a site called Alt-Codes.

list of alt codes

Alt-Codes is a free to use website that provides you with a list of alt codes in order to use various special characters that can be typed using your keyboard. In applications like Microsoft Word, you use such symbols in your work through the Symbols menu. If you do not have an app installed that includes a list of such symbols, you normally look for such a symbol online, highlight it using your mouse, copy it, and then paste it wherever it is that you want to use it.

The alt hotkey shortcuts provide you with a quick alternative to use such symbols in a very simple way. All you need to know is what number code belongs to which particular special symbol. But remembering all the number codes for the symbols you want can be very difficult. This is where the website Alt-Codes comes into play.

It provides you with a list of number codes for the many special symbols that can be typed using your keyboard. You can visit the site’s homepage and without creating any account or registering for anything, you are provided with the list of number codes.



You can simply browse through the list as it is provided or you can browse categorically using the menu available in the right pane of the application.

Alt-Codes: An Online List Of Alt Codes To Let You Use Special Text Symbols Misc


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Provides you with alt codes of special symbols.
  • Does not require you to create any new accounts.
  • Lets you browse number codes categorically.
  • Similar: i2symbol, PiliApp Symbol, and EntityCode.

Check out Alt-Codes @

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