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Most images in websites are transparent so you can put them on any background. However, the transparent image also leaves a large space around it which means you cannot interact through the image. is a handy image effect that creates a mask of the opaque part of the image then punches through the alpha channel so that you can click any link around it.

To use, you only need to drag the image from your computer to the app – then click It! The tool will then provide you with the image mask with the original image. It will also generate example HTML, CSS, and Javascript so you can easily implement the effect to your website.

This effect is useful if you want to make large transparent images laid over a swathe of text. It is best used in cool product images, life-sized pictures, and pictures with a lot of text surrounding it.


  • Creates mask to let you click through the transparent edges of the image.
  • Easily implemented
  • Open-source and free
  • Useful for large product images
  • Similar Tools: Instant Retro, Glitterboo, and Brickify

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