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Before hikers set out, they spend a good deal of time exploring their options and learning about the paths ahead. To avoid any dangers and make sure the trip is fun, it is important to get their hands on every possible detail such as a terrain description and a fellow hiker’s review of the trail. One source that helps find new hiking paths and provides details on them is AllTrails.

find hiking trails

AllTrails is a website that lists details about numerous hiking trails. The site offers a number of features that help you find hiking paths. Perhaps the easiest method is using the “Quick Search” feature that traces your IP address to your location and displays nearby tracks. Other than that you can use the site’s keywords search to look for your preferred hiking areas.

With each trail you get its location, rating, a small review / description, length, and other important information. You can join the AllTrails community by creating a free account on the site and share your own experiences along with reviews of indexed trails. Your account will also help keep track of upcoming events on the site and manage a trail journal in which you can note down your thoughts about trails you have done.

hiking trail finder


Overall, AllTrails is a must-bookmark website for hiking and mountain climbing enthusiasts.


  • Comprehensive hiking trail finder.
  • A user friendly website.
  • Finds hiking and mountain climbing trails.
  • Includes comprehensive information about each track.
  • Lets users interact each other through its web-community.
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