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If you often listen to songs online, then you’d want to bookmark this neat site called AllSongsBy. You can find songs from virtually any artist out there on this site. It uses YouTube as its information source and neatly creates artist pages where you will see all the songs and videos by that artist in a long playlist that can be played selectively or all at once. It also lets you buy songs via iTunes.

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You can listen by album or just pick the song from the list. The interface is neat and easy to navigate through. Search for the artist or pick from the ones they list on their homepage. Not that this is the only site doing this kind of a thing out there, but it certainly looks like one of the best ones in this niche.


  • Find and listen to songs and albums.
  • Content sourced from YouTube.

Check out AllSongsBy @

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  1. allsongs by
    December 6, 2011 at 1:04 am

    All the playlists on the site can also be embedded in your own site or blog by copying/pasting the code from the embed button below the youtube player - no login or signup required. Thanks for your review.