AllergyEats: Easily Locate Allergy Friendly Restaurants

People with food allergies always have a tough time deciding which restaurant to go to. They need to be aware of a restaurant menu and its allergy-friendliness beforehand. Otherwise the restaurant might end up serving something the customer is allergic to and that can have dire consequences.

To locate and rate allergy-friendly restaurants, head on over to Allergy Eats.

allergy1   AllergyEats: Easily Locate Allergy Friendly Restaurants

Allergy Eats is a free and simple to use website that help you find out which restaurants cater to customers who are allergic to certain food groups. On the site’s homepage you will get a list of food groups people are normally allergic to.

To locate an allergy-friendly restaurant you can check the groups that match your allergies; other groups can be added by a link in the bottom right of these checkboxes. Next you enter the address or specify the area for which the site will execute a search; you can do this step via browsing by map as well. The restaurants that match your criteria will be listed.

Resturants   AllergyEats: Easily Locate Allergy Friendly Restaurants

These restaurants and their ratings have all been submitted by users. If you have any allergy-related experiences with a particular restaurant, you can add the restaurant and/or rate it.


  • Allergy-friendly restaurants locator.
  • Lets you view which restaurants facilitate customers with food allergies.
  • Lets you select particular food groups you are allergic.
  • Searches the area you specify.
  • Lets you add and rate restaurants.
  • Similar tools: SpecialGourmets.

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