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Bird watching is a hobby pursued by many people. Although bird watching might be enjoyable for some, answers to bird-related questions can only be answered through ornithology, the study of birds. If you have any questions about birds on your mind make sure to pay a visit to online encyclopedia of birds “AllAboutBirds.”

online encyclopedia of birds

AllAboutBirds is a project of Cornell University. The site aims to be the web’s best and most comprehensive resource for North American birds, bird watching, and bird conservation – accessible to everyone for free.

On the site you will find bird guides that let you search for a bird by its name and view its details. The “Bird Basics” page explains how to attract birds, how to identify them and take their pictures, amongst other things.

In addition to being a massive bird encyclopedia, AllAboutBirds contains a plethora of bird media spanning videos, photographs, and slideshows.

online bird encyclopedia



  • Online bird encyclopedia
  • User friendly interface.
  • Contains details on all North American birds.
  • Birds can be searched by their name.
  • You can find many high quality pictures and videos of birds.
  • Tips and guides for bird watchers are contained on the site.
  • Similar resources:  IBC and eBird.

Check out “All About Birds” @

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