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Advertisement is a recently launched service where users can easily schedule and manage alerts for everything they want to be reminded or notified about. Get alerts on the cheapest gas prices in the area, news alerts, weather reports, traffic reports, birthday reminders, hotel price drop notifications, latest baseball scores and more. Plus all of this in a visually appealing user interface.

weather alerts, birthday reminders, traffic reports and more

There are several ways to get the alerts including email, SMS and voice messages. Depending on the alert type you’ll be presented with different choices. For instance, a wake-up call alert can be delivered only via voice message. A birthday or news alerts can be delivered via text message or email. For match scores you can select any notification method you want. Basically, available delivery methods depend on the alert type.

Get reminders by email, SMS, voice messages etc.

Getting started is very simple. First you need to sign-up and get yourself an account, it’s free. Once the account is ready you can begin adding alerts. To add an alert, simply select the alert type, fill out the required fields, and choose how you would like to get it. Click “Save” and you’re done.

You can see and manage all of the alerts you have subscribed to from MyAlerts page. Demo Girl put together a nice video screencast showing this and other features in action, check it out here.

Please note, is a free service and doesn’t charge you anything for using their service. The only charges you may incur are those from your service provider. For instance, if your mobile carrier charges you for receiving text messages then the same will apply for messages originating from

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