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If you think that disasters only come a few times a year, this tool will make you think again. Alertmap is a real-time disaster map that logs and plots emergencies and tragedies happening around the world.

real time disaster map

Various kinds of disasters are plotted on this Google-based map such as epidemic hazards, vehicle accidents, earthquakes, flood, typhoons, and more. Events are divided into current emergencies, short term events, and long term or rolling events. In addition, each event is rated and color-coded depending on how critical the event is to human life and property.

Click on any icon on the map to show details of the event, including the coordinates, country, state, and date. The map queries data from the Internet so it can plot them as they are happening.

Alertmap is a very informative tool that tells us that disaster is lurking all the time, perhaps telling us just how lucky we are so far.



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