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Monitoring the functionality of your website on a regular basis is a must for serious website owners. While there are a lot of monitoring systems available today, not all of them are accurate when it comes to detecting glitches and bugs in application codes, database, and applets. These monitoring services only uses light scripts and HTTP requests that only simulates web activity.

uptime monitoring service

AlertFox is a web monitoring service that uses the iMacros technology to monitor web actions in browsers, which gives it a more reliable reading of your website. This web monitoring service can also provide in-depth monitoring for websites based on ActiveX, AJAX, Flash, Flex, complex HTML, and Silverlight technology. With AlertFox, you will know why your website failed instead of merely guessing.

To use AlertFox, you need to first install the iMacros Firefox add-on and then record the website transaction that you want to monitor with it. Once you are done recording, upload the macro to your AlertFox account. You can then test the macro in AlertFox to check if it is working.

Once you are satisfied, click the “Update” button and AlertFox will now regularly run the macro. If the macro fails, AlertFox will then notify you of the error. If AlertFox detects an error, it will send the site owner a screenshot and a detailed error message to help identify the problem.

uptime monitoring service


AlertFox is also the first web monitoring service that can monitor Silverlight and Flash applets.  AlertFox uses iMacros, a browser plugin that can record web sessions and automate web browsers, to check the performance of your website. This way, the errors actually experienced by users can be detected more accurately.

This service does not come without cost. Fortunately there is a free plan that offers 1 Firefox test with a 4-hour interval for you to try out.


  • In-depth website monitoring service.
  • Uses iMacros technology for a more in-depth result.
  • Supports ActiveX, AJAX, Flash, Flex, complex HTML, and Silverlight.
  • Monitors even complex websites YouTube and Google Docs.
  • Worldwide checkpoints monitor your server 24/7.
  • Multiple checkpoints reduces chances of false alerts.
  • Transaction monitoring for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and iMacros browser.
  • Receive screenshots when errors are detected.
  • Monitors Flash performance.
  • Offers 4 user plans with a free 30-day trial. Free plan also included.

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