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AlbumReminder is an online tool that monitors newly released songs and albums of your favorite artists and notifies you via email or RSS feed.

newly released songs

The alert setup is simple and easy. After creating an account, simply add your favorite artists or bands to your personal list. From that moment whenever there is a new album release for one of the artists or bands in your list the AlbumReminder will send a notification to your email address.

newly released albums

For RSS alerts you wold need to subscribe to AlbumReminder feed using your feed reader.

AlbumRemindr supports every artist that is available on Amazon. The notifications can be easily customized: among other things you can change the Amazon region you want to monitor, set alerts to be delivered a few days before release date, set alerts for all versions of an album or for the original version only.



  • Monitor newly released albums of your favorite artist or band.
  • Get email or RSS alerts.
  • RSS feed includes album covers. Here is an example of the rss-feed.
  • Customize Amazon region you want AlbumReminder to monitor.
  • Option to set  notifications to be sent few days before the album release date.
  • Receive notifications for all versions of an album or for the original version only.
  • More features coming in the future.
  • Similar websites: Muspy and Music-Alerts

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  1. search corner
    December 23, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Nice way to keep updated on the latest news pertaining to Music industry. I will try this one for sure