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One of the many challenges facing people who work in the media is finding fresh images to go with their stories. Due to legal reasons, they can’t just pluck any image from Google and claim it as their own. The photo belongs to the photographer who took it and they are entitled to compensation everytime their photo is used.  Conversely, a challenge many photographers face is finding fresh markets to sell their work so they can make a living.

stock photo sites for photographers

Alamy is a stock photo site that aims to cater to both sides of the market.  They claim to have 33 million stock photos and video clips available for sale. Anyone looking to sell a photo can set up an account on Alamy and have their work displayed, and anyone looking to buy a photo can do so through the site. When a photographer sells a photo, they get 60% of the money with the other 40% going to Alamy.  There are no hidden fees on top of that – just a straight 60-40 split.  According to the website, 89% of the company’s profit goes to medical research.

Alamy also has an iPad app, which you can download to view some of their images every day.



  • Stock photo website featuring 33 million photos and videos
  • Provides a marketplace for photographers to sell their work to people looking for legal content
  • iPad app also available
  • Similar sites: Pixamba and StockVault.

Check out Alamy @

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