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Normally people have to spend a lot of time with their computers before they can type text quickly and accurately. Even after spending hours typing, some people never get the speed and accuracy they desire. To help you type faster and more accurately, A.I.type uses a different approach than practice.

typing quickly

A.I.type is an installable application for Windows operating systems that have .Net installed. Using A.I.type to type faster and more accurately will not require you to improve your typing speed – the program completes your words for you after you have typed the first few letters.

After those first few letters the program quickly opens up a floating window containing word suggestions. You can quickly select a suggestion to complete the word. The suggestions are shown according to the context by communicating with online servers. You can also choose to have the first suggestion automatically selected or ignore the suggestions altogether.

The program will work not only in text editors but anywhere you can type: web browsers, instant messaging clients, etc.

type quickly


Note: Due to its recent high popularity and load on the servers, to get A.I.type you will need to register on the program’s website and wait for them to contact you with a download invitation.


  • A user friendly application that helps you type quickly and accurately.
  • Works with Windows with .Net installed.
  • Completes your words for you via suggestions.
  • Can auto-complete words.
  • Helps you finish typing text faster and more accurately.

Check out A.I.type @

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  1. Noam Rotem
    December 25, 2010 at 2:10 am

    Christmas release: A.I.type Beta for Android!