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Whether you are planning a flight or finding the most convenient airline connection on-the-go, you will definitely find this app useful. Airport Monitor is an iOS app that lets you view arrivals and departures from top US airports for free. Much like a Twitter client for flight updates, Airport Monitor pushes everything in real-time,  making it convenient to schedule your flights, estimate arrivals,  or wait for someone flying-in.

track flight arrivals departures

Airport Monitor has a simple interface, which is a good thing for sorting through all the flight data. It will give you the origin and destination, the airline, flight number, gate number, and estimated time of arrival. You can also search through the airline name, flight number, gate number and more.

You can also send flight details to your friends through your e-mail – great if you want to be on the same flight or if there is someone picking you up. And if you are a frequent flyer, you can bookmark you favorite airport for quick access.

airport monitor lite

Airport Monitor Lite is a handy app for anyone who needs the latest flight details on their fingertips. This is especially useful for people who bounce from one airport to another on their day job and need to get advanced flight information for booking.


  • View arrivals and departures from top US airports
  • Sort list by time
  • Search through flight data
  • Bookmark airports for quick access
  • No need to check flight number to know


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