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Are you looking for a way to view your photos on the go without taking a lot of time to sync your device with iTunes? Perhaps you do not have much memory available on your iPhone and filling it up with pictures would put you over the limit. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep your photos on your desktop, AirFoto is the perfect app for you. It allows you to keep your photos on your desktop and stream them to your iPhone whenever you want.

stream photos from mac to iphone

To use this app, you will need to download the iPhone application and the desktop server app. Once downloaded, it will automatically scan your computer for folders containing photos on Windows, and you can add other folders manually. The Mac version will not scan your folders automatically, so you will have to go through and select folders individually.


Once you have everything up and running, just open the iPhone app, and it will automatically scan your Wi-Fi network for an AirFoto server. You can then save the photos to your device and share them with your favorite social networks. It is a much quicker process than connecting your device to iTunes and syncing it to get your favorite photos on your device.


  • View photos from your computer without syncing.
  • Save photos from your computer to your phone quickly.
  • Share photos to your favorite social network.
  • Automatically finds computer running AirFoto server.

Find AirFoto @ and on the iTunes App Store

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