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Airbnb has just issued a massive update of their iOS app, adding a new offline viewing feature. Airbnb is one of the most popular services for finding accommodation around the world and, as such, its mobile apps are highly popular as well. If you’ve been using Airbnb on iOS, you know that the app previously suffered from some stability issues, and was almost unusable without an Internet connection. All of these problems are history with the new version of Airbnb for iOS.

The update, which came out several days ago, is a pretty significant one. To start, the app’s icon changed, so don’t be alarmed when you can’t find the familiar icon at first. The second change you’ll notice, and this is the most significant one, is that the app now works offline, without the need for a constant Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Once you access your itineraries and messages once, they’re downloaded onto your device and can be accessed at any time, which is rather useful if you’re on the road or a plane.

Other issues that were fixed in the update are the frequent crashes the app previously suffered from, and the need to constantly log in again and again when loading the app. Now, once you enter your credentials, they’re saved. Also, according to Airbnb, push notifications are now more reliable.

Download Airbnb for iOS to see all the changes. What do you think of Airbnb’s offline access?

Source: Airbnb App


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