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Hotels are great but they lack that human element. If you are more of a people person and don’t like staying at hotels, AirBnB has something unique to offer. It is a website where you can rent rooms from actual people in their house. Simply choose your city, your stay dates and AirBnB will show you a list of private rental homes and rooms available.

You can read reviews before committing and see other details like location, bed type and if the owner allows pets. If you have a spare room that you’d like to rent, post it on AirBnB and start making some extra cash.

Overall it is a great idea and a very effective tool but it probably won’t work for people who are too cautious about trusting strangers.

private rental homes


  • Lists private rental accommodation from actual people.
  • See pictures and read details before booking.
  • Know beforehand about the are and the house.
  • Post your spare room and earn money.
  • Similar websites: Istopover.

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