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There is no shortage of applications designed for listening to music on the iPhone. There are premium apps like Spotify and Rdio that allow you to listen to any song you want for a monthly fee. Apps like Pandora give you the ability to listen to randomly generated radio stations based on an artist or genre without a monthly charge. What’s On Air is a new app that attempts to blur the lines between the two.


With What’s On Air, you can set up searches for specific songs and artists that are on the air at any time. This gives you the feel of radio apps like Pandora, but the ability to find specific songs like Spotify. Of course, the song has to be playing for you to be able to listen. If you enter enough search terms, it should be able to keep only the music of your choosing going most of the time. It really is a whole new take on mobile Internet radio.


In addition to choice, What’s On Air is all about social music. You can use their group listening feature to listen with your friends. You guys will follow each other as you move from station to station, creating a truly social music experience.


  • A new way to listen to Internet radio on iPhone.
  • Find your favorite artists, genres and songs when they are on the air.
  • Listen with a friend and move from station to station together.
  • Find concerts and events featuring your favorite artists.
  • Customize the look of the app.

Find What’s On Air on the iTunes App Store

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