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There really MUST be a Santa Claus after all! Right here at the Holidays, from the “free, actually-USEFUL software downloads” front comes: Ready? (Drumroll, please…)

Your absolutely FR*EE…no strings attached downloads (full licenses…not “trials”) from ‘TechSmith‘ of: Camtasia3 (Reg. price: $299) and SnagIt7 (Reg. price: $29).

What’s the catch? None, really. You will be offered an opportunity to “upgrade” to the newer versions (Camtasia5 and SnagIt8) but it is absolutely not necessary, nor required!. The newer versions are…well…”newer”… but from what I understand, these previous versions still work perfectly well!

So, if you’ve ever wanted to experiment or have an actual need for either product, here’s your chance! Grab them while you can. I haven’t found anything indicating how long TechSmith will make these versions available for free… it could be “forever” or for the next week…I really don’t know…so you might want to go ahead and download while the downloading’s good!

Ok! Let me see if I can explain what ‘Camtasia’ and ‘SnagIt’ are:

From what I understand, they are dynamite, tremendously coveted and extremely useful software put out by TechSmith. For that reason alone you should get it A.S.A.P., just so you will have it! You never know when one of your techie-friends, or someone who knows even less about all this stuff than you do… might ask…). And you can always figure out what to do with them later!



Take Camtasia, for example. You know when you are on a website and they show you a video? Chances are very good that they made it with…you guessed it…Camtasia!

So, say for instance you always wished you could make a Video, or wish you could explain your ideas in a Tutorial Video, or maybe make some promo videos to showcase some of your “wares” on your Blog or Website…or on eBay…or whatever… but you just couldn’t see coming up with the $299 for the best of the best: Camtasia. Well, now you can play till your heart’s desire… and it won’t cost you a dime! So go ahead…live dangerously…download Camtasia3 and make a video!

Camtasia : Create Video Screencasts


Oh yes, and SnagIt … well, that’s a fine thing too! You know when you hear everybody talking about “Screen Shots”? Well, SnagIt, which is also in the “best of the best” category, is a great way to make Screen Shots… which are actually “pictures” of something on a webpage, or on your computer; you can “capture” the image with SnagIt!

SnagIt : Capture and Save Screen Shots

Unfortunately (sigh), copy and paste just don’t work for everything! That’s when you need something like SnagIt! So grab this free download from TechSmith while it’s still available, too … and don’t worry, you’ll figure out something you want to “Snag” one of these days!

Now, in order to be fair, I really should present some of the “cons” of these products…(if there are any to be found) but I think I will defer to my more Techie colleagues to expound on those in their Comments below. What that means is this: if you really want to learn something today…which I’m guessing is why you are on MakeUseOf to begin with…check out the Comments!


Please Note that these Instructions are two-fold: First, download the product. Second, click on the link for the License Key. Give them your email address so they can email you the KEY…which you will COPY and then PASTE where they ask for it within the Product Download instructions. That’s it! If you want both products, rinse and repeat.

For Camtasia3: (for Windows 2000 & XP; not Vista or Mac…sorry!)

  • 1. You will actually be downloading the ‘free trial version’ of Camtasia Studio 3 (but don’t panic…keep reading.)
  • 2. Next, click on the License Key link. Fill in your complete name, country and e-mail address so that TechSmith can send you the KEY to unlock the program by email.
  • 3. After installing the program you downloaded from step 1 above, and then entering the License Key you receive in the email from TechSmith, you will be the proud new owner of a fully functional version of Camtasia 3!

For SnagIt 7.2.5: (for Windows 2000 or XP – not Vista… sorry!)

  • 1. Again, you will actually be downloading the ‘free trial version’ of SnagIt version 7.2.5 here [English / German / French]
  • 2. Next, click here to get the License Key. Fill in your name, country and e-mail address and TechSmith will send you the KEY to unlock the program by email.
  • 3. Once you have installed the program you downloaded from step 1 above, and then entered the License Key you receive from TechSmith, you will be the proud new owner of a fully functional version of SnagIt 7.2.5

For sure you will be offered exceptional offers to upgrade to the newest versions of both Products. But, as I mentioned before, these are merely incentives, and while you will find that they are excellent offers…(and strictly up to you whether or not you decide to upgrade)… upgrades are not mandatory nor required. Your Free Versions will work just fine!.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this Free software, be sure to refer them to !

(Credits: , and everyone else who gave me a heads up on these great downloads! ). So why are we passing on these ‘fabulous finds’ to you? Why, because Santa says you’ve been extra-good this year, and also… as a loyal MakeUseOf subscriber… you just plain deserve it!

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