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You will find plenty of online applications that try various ways to motivate you to achieve your goals. But as people often experience, motivation is best achieved when there is something really important on the line. A web app called Aherk makes use of this in a very unique way.

The motivation by Aherk to help you achieve your goals is presented in a very unique way – blackmailing. If you do not achieve your goals within the allotted time period a compromising photograph of you is posted on your Facebook account!

blackmail app

The service is really quite simple to use. You log into it using your Facebook account and then you define your goal and upload a compromising photo that you would never want uploaded to Facebook. When the deadline for your goal passes, the app asks your friends to vote on whether or not you successfully completed your goal. Depending on how they vote, your photo may be uploaded to your Facebook account.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Motivates you to achieve your goals.
  • Lets you define your goals.
  • Uploads a compromising photo to your Facebook in case goal has not been achieved.
  • Similar tools: TextMotivate, Daily Motivator and 101-Smart-Goals.

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