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When you have multiple teams in an office working on different projects, meetings are necessary but they could also be time consuming if not conducted correctly. A meeting planner should be used that can set the agenda and tasks beforehand. Agreedo is one such advanced meeting planner.

It is surprisingly feature-rich for a free tool. You can add and invite members, set the agenda for the meeting, let members add comments, create individual pre-meeting tasks accordingly, and finally, easily export the minutes of the meeting into CSV format.

advanced meeting planner

team meeting planner

The interface of Agreedo isn’t difficult to navigate through. The topics of discussion are clearly visible, and there’s also an option to add files and track tasks. Overall, a good tool to track how useful your meetings turn out to be.


  • Advanced team meeting planner
  • Set agenda and tasks before the meeting.
  • Easily add and invite the members.
  • Let them add comments.
  • Export data in CSV.
  • Similar tools: Meetzi, NeedtoMeet, Doodle, Assemble, Congregar, GetMooh, Plannr, MEETorDIE, WhenShallWe and MeetWithAgenda.

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  1. Steve
    February 7, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    I can't believe it's free. I kind of expect to have to pay for it. I think in 3-9 months there will be a fee involved, or maybe it will move to a freemium model. Looks like they sunk some cash into the development.