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Windows XP was quite the operating system in 2001. It was also pretty good in 2007. Now, in 2014, it’s not so great. It’s old, outdated, and not able to handle much of what a modern computer user will throw at it. And yet Windows XP is still being used on around 30 percent of PCs Windows XP Lives, iPhone Catches Fire, Selfie Secures Sitcom [Tech News Digest] Windows XP Lives, iPhone Catches Fire, Selfie Secures Sitcom [Tech News Digest] Windows XP refuses to die, Yahoo's new search options, iPhone catches fire and burns a teenager, indie developers fight back against King's 'Candy' trademark, and ABC TV pilot based solely on selfies. Read More . And 3 million ATMs around the world. Is it time for Windows XP to be euthanized?

Age Is No Barrier

We want to know, Do You Want Windows XP To Die? Windows XP has, unfathomably, remained popular long after its best days were declared as long gone. In 2007 it was replaced by Windows Vista 4 Tips to Speed Up Your Windows Vista PC 4 Tips to Speed Up Your Windows Vista PC Read More , which, though a mess upon release, proved to be the basis of the sublime Windows 7. And now we have Windows 8, another misstep perhaps, but still an operating system built for the present day rather than the past.

Why not stick with Windows XP?” I hear you ask indignantly. Well, a lot has changed in the 13 years since XP was released. Have you got the same haircut now that you had then? Do you wear the same clothes? Or listen to the same music? Or watch the same television shows? You have probably (hopefully) allowed all of these elements of your life to evolve, so why not your operating system of choice as well?

This video may persuade you it’s time to move on from Windows XP. If not then a) visit a doctor and b) read on to be convinced.

Consider how much computing has changed since Microsoft developed Windows XP… Video conferencing is now the norm, file-sharing and working in the cloud is now a thing, chatrooms full of emoticons have been replaced with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, we connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi rather than dial-up, we stream music and video on a daily basis. This is a world that Windows XP was never meant to inhabit.


We think Windows XP should be put out to pasture forever. The time has come to let it sail off to Valinor. We need not mourn its passing, just thank it for its long and dedicated service to the cause of computing and possibly give it a pat on the back on its way out of the door.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let us know what you think of Windows XP now and/or what you thought of it in its heyday. Is Microsoft doing the right thing killing support on April 8? Or should it once again extend this deadline so as not to leave 30 percent of its customers behind? We want to hear from you, no matter what your views are on the subject.

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