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If you are a web developer and want to save on bandwidth costs, you’ll like AgileUploader. It is a great tool that lets you reduce image size before uploading to your server for web use. It works with multiple image formats and with most of the popular browsers.

You can also use it to resize images uploaded by users and customize settings to style the upload widget. Even though AgileUploader reduces the size of your image, it does not compromise on image quality. The tool does require a little knowledge of web development to integrate with your server but saves a lot of bandwidth, therefore reducing cost and optimizing user experience.

reduce image size


  • Reduce image size before uploading to server.
  • Works with images uploaded by users.
  • Bulk resize images.
  • Works with multiple file types and browsers.
  • Simple and customizable design.
  • Gather other form details and post with image.
  • Try the demo version before you download.

Download AgileUploader from

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