After 15 Years: Half-Life Is Quietly Released For Mac OS X & Linux [Updates]

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Fifteen years after its initial release, the legendary first-person shooter Half-Life has been quietly released for both Mac OS X and Linux. While the game’s page on Steam still lists the game as Windows only, several sources such as Cult of Mac and The Verge confirm that the game appears in Steam’s library, and runs well on a Mac. No Official announcement has been made by Valve as of yet.

The original Half-Life was released in 1998, and is a big name in the gaming world, even for non-gamers. It’s played through the eyes of Dr. Gordon Freeman, who’s trying to fight his way out of a secret research facility in New Mexico. The game was revolutionary for its time, and while it may seem somewhat dated today, Mac and Linux users can still take the time to finally enjoy it.

The game was followed several years later by Half-Life 2, which was already available for Mac. It was also remade last year by a third-party team, and released under the name Black Mesa. If you’ve played any other Half-Life game, there are good chances you already own a license to the original Half-Life, as it was often bundled into other games. If not, you can get it now from Steam for $9.99, and enjoy a sweet ride into the past, this time on your modern OS X machine.

Did you try Half-Life on Mac or Linux? Did it work? Is it still worth buying after all these years?

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Source: Cult of Mac

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I just bought it this evening, and it is running great on Linux. I was hesitant to buy it because it is listed as a Windows only game, but they haven’t updated there tags yet (probably because it’s still beta).

I’m not a big gamer, but I think Steam will revolutionize gaming by focusing on open source!!!

First open source store that has gotten me excited in a long time. I wish them well, and will buy their games, and hopefully hardware!!!


Open source store?


Steam is not open source?


Kuriakopoulos Marios



Nevzat Akkaya

I enjoyed this game many years ago, it was superb at that time. I hope it will be revised for todays standards.

Black mesa, is a remake of the original hal-life that was many years in development. I beat the original game, than this later next year, it’s an incredible game. Give it a try!


this has been ported to mac by independent porters :D



i have these on steam and i must say valve did an excellent job porting these, for mac gaming in general the porting community is generally does very poilshed ports with cxz or wine

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