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They say the best way to bring about a change is to start slow and let  it become a habit. If you need help in forming a habit, Advirtus is a great way to start. Advirtus is a great tool that lets you form habits by checking off daily tasks off your personal grid of activities. You can add tasks to your grid, print it out and as you complete each task every day, check them off.

Advirtus has a catalog of tasks that you can choose from. You can also join various groups and view rankings by users, tasks and groups. Bringing your mouse over any task displays its complete description and objective. Tasks are split into categories so you can easily find ones relevant to your goals.

form a habit


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  1. Patrick B
    January 8, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    I really liked the site. Took me a few days to set up my list of habits. Once it was all ready to go, the site just disappeared. Kinda sad as I was about to switch my home page to this site.