Advanced SystemCare With Antivirus 2013 Released [Updates]

AdvancedCare 300   Advanced SystemCare With Antivirus 2013 Released [Updates]IObit has just released their Advanced SystemCare With Antivirus 2013 software for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. The software combines their Advanced SystemCare Pro 5 PC tune-up software with anti-virus software based on BitDefender.

Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 is the latest addition to IObit’s great range of software designed to both look after your PC and keep it free from viruses. It’s released for June at a special price of $29.99 instead of their regular price of $49.99. The software can also be trialled for free, but you will need to purchase it before the end of June in order to secure the discounted price.

To compare, Advanced SystemCare Pro 5 retails for $19.99 by itself (and is available for free on our rewards page for users with MakeUseOf accounts). Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 adds anti-virus capabilities to an already-popular product.

AdvancedCare Screenshot   Advanced SystemCare With Antivirus 2013 Released [Updates]

The anti-virus software compares very well in terms of speed and virus detection against other popular anti-virus products, such as Norton, AVG, Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. It claims it will not slow down your system as much as any of the competing products.

AdvancedCare Antivirus   Advanced SystemCare With Antivirus 2013 Released [Updates]

If you don’t need the anti-virus software, the basic Advanced SystemCare can be downloaded as a stand-alone product for free. This software helps to speed up your PC by cleaning your registry and fixing Windows errors.

Download: Advanced SystemCare With Antivirus 2013

Source: IObit

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Kevin Vaillant

Been using IObit’s Advanced SystemCare for about a year now, and find its a great product. Can’t wait to try the new version with Anti-virus included. If the Antivirus works as well as some of the others on the market a person should be able to use just IObit’s Advanced SystemCare as an all in one solution, time will tell.



Angela Alcorn

That’s the plan, I expect. :)


Does it have internet security?

Angela Alcorn

If you mean for child safety, then no. It does have anti-spyware and other useful tools for internet security though.

karim sayed

in my opinion as a pc semi prof the best protection vs virus and hacking and control you child safetly online is kasperskpy pure but i eats ram !!!!!

Angela Alcorn

Thanks for sharing!

Joel Lee

I managed to snag IOBit’s SystemCare when the MakeUseOf Rewards system went into play. Spent 200 points and I’ve been extremely impressed with it. Not only is it customizable, but it’s effective and non-intrusive. Awesome.

Angela Alcorn

That’s great to hear!

Bill Board

IOBit is trash eye-candy software from known code-stealers
Wouldn’t trust/touch ANYTHING from this outfit with a 1000 ft pole,

Just sayin’… YMMV.

Angela Alcorn

This is the first I’ve heard of this. I’ve only heard good things about IObit before now.

Aibek Esengulov

There was an incident in the past where iObit admitted “stealing” the intellectual property from MalwareBytes. The did apologize to MB. The issue obviously left a bad taste among users as well as some developers but we still can’t ignore the fact that the above mentioned product is one of the most downloaded software online (according to CNET).


The true story
the user must know, that the virus definition writer are
under enormous daily and extreme stress and the virus definition
writer know each other and then the user must know that the virus
definitions are sold. malwarebytes has iobit seen as a
very big competition. IObit was inexperienced in this time and
has purchased virus definitions package and in this package were deliberately manipulated malwarebytes virus definition by malwarebytes!
less than 24 hours later, has given a press conference malwarebytes:
IObit has stolen their Malwarebytes virus definition and so fast it can go and is in a bad light.

Angela Alcorn

Thanks for shedding some light on it.


hi bill

If you believe that, then you are a man who understood the left at the dressing room have!

Bill Board

Most accurate review I’ve seen on the innernetz re: ASC…,64954-order,1/description.html

QUOTE: If you like living dangerously give this Rube Goldberg program a try, it might work for you. If you don’t see much appeal in waving red flags at bulls with big horns or juggling live hand grenades, don’t mess with this program. Whatever you do be sure to back up everything you don’t want to lose before you let this program loose in your computer. God Bless automatic daily backup programs, The only way I could get rid of the problems this beast caused was to wipe my hard drive and re-install everything. END QUOTE

ROTFL @ “waving red flags at bulls with big horns or juggling live hand grenades”

Angela Alcorn

Sounds like they had a fair bit of trouble with it. :(


One of those few Iobit’s hate mongers. The best to try it yourself. That review was based on the free version and nothing to do with the version that being reviewed here. What do you expect from a free software? The majority can’t be wrong here.

Angela Alcorn

Well, a lot of people DO seem to love it. It can’t be all bad.

Bill Board

I’ll admit it, you’re right…I am a hater…I hate KNOWN THIEVES.

Guess I’m just funny that way. ;)

Angela Alcorn

I’m still looking into whether this is true. We often mention IObit in articles and giveaways and would hate to think we’re supporting bad guys.

jeffrey a.hernandez

its my first to used iobit advaced systemcare and it is very nice and helpful. i just wanna ask how can i get an activation key.


Hello Angela,

It is really better than Microsoft Security Essentials? I don’t trust that comparison, it can be marketing gimmick.

Thank you.

Angela Alcorn

I can only really go by their own marketing materials and trust that they are based somewhere where there needs to be some truth in advertising. I presume there was some testing involved on their part, too.


I using Advanced SystemCare 5 PRO, and I really love it. I had TuneUp Utilities before, but ASC is much better, it has a lot of features. Only Turbo Boost is useless, I never saw any FPS increase in games. I just don’t know if I get better protection and scans, detection rates with ASC with Antivirus 2013. I have Microsoft Security Essentials now and it’s good. How often ASC with Antivirus 2013 has virus definition updates? Because MSE has them very often. Thank you for your reply, and sorry if my english isn’t perfect.


i’ve tested bitdefender 2013 and it’s not that great. this is pretty much just an advertisement so it is bias. check for reviews online

Angela Alcorn

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Kp Rao

advanced system care is no1 and with anti virus is special bonus to us

Muz RC

I agree, its very nice software because everything is all in one..

Itachi Uchiha

Will they an antivirus update definition? As avast does.

Angela Alcorn

I expect they would do so from time to time.

Brenden Barlow

i may have to try this…its been a while since ive tried their system care product.