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Google has released the Adsense Publisher Toolbar for all Adsense users who want to access their Adsense details in an instant. The Adsense Publisher Toolbar allows Google Chrome users to access their Adsense data right from their toolbars, without leaving any website.

adsense publisher toolbar

The quick pop-up bar gives users their account earnings summary for the day, yesterday, monthly or even last month. The extension also shows the user their lifetime Google Adsense earnings.

A great feature found in the Adsense Publisher Toolbar is the in-site ad overlay option that allows users to turn the Adsense Publisher Toolbar on while visiting their website, which then shows the user an instant summary of each ad unit’s earnings – today, yesterday and weekly.

If you do not want the Adsense Publisher Toolbar to display your ad unit’s earnings when you visit your website, just turn the “Ad-overlays” option off from your Adsense Publisher Toolbar.


  • Access your Adsense account instantly.
  • In-site ad overlay option displays each ad unit’s earning – great for knowing which ad position is most profitable.

Check out Adsense Publisher Toolbar @

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