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When you shoot a video, most of the time you only need particular parts and don’t need the rest. So to make an interesting video clip you have to keep the memorable parts and cut out the rest. Now you can easily do this thanks to a new mobile app called Adobe Videobite. It is a free app for iOS devices that lets you capture, edit, combine and share a movie clip from your iPhone or iPad.

It lets you easily cut and combine multiple video parts into a single clip without having to go through the encode/decode process i.e., without losing video quality. There are 2 modes to make a video from parts. In the first mode you only have to “favorite” the parts (from an existing video) you want to combine and the app takes care of the rest. In the second mode, you select the parts you want to combine while shooting the video. Simply press the heart icon at the bottom to mark the start of the part and click it again to mark the end of the part. Once the shooting is over these parts will be queued waiting for you to arrange them into a final clip.

Once your video clip is ready you can save it to your camera roll to view later or easily share it on Facebook with a single click. Unlike similar video editing apps VideoBite is easy to use and pretty intuitive. To try it out, download free from the iTunes store.

edit videos on your phone



  • Free, simple to use.
  • Easily capture, edit and combine memorable parts from a video clip.
  • Combine parts from a single video or from different videos.
  • Rearrange parts before combining.
  • Preview each highlight from the interface.
  • Share your clips on Facebook from within the app or save to your camera roll to view later.
  • Related tools – Directr, Givit.

Check out Adobe VideoBite @

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  1. macwitty
    June 3, 2013 at 6:03 pm

    easy and still powerful app. Like it very much!