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Smartphone-using photography enthusiasts everywhere can now rejoice. Feature-heavy photo-editing app Adobe Photoshop Touch has finally made its way to iPhone and Android smartphones. After originally being available only for the iPad and Android tablets, the feature-filled app was released to smartphones on Thursday. The app can be downloaded for a fairly reasonable $4.99 from iTunes or Google Play.

Adobe Photoshop Touch incorporates the core features of the desktop version of Photoshop. These elements include layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters. Users can also make use of the app’s brushes, graphical text, drop shadows, and more. Furthermore, social sharing has made its way onto the app, allowing all creations to be shared with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.

The app is designed for field work and not necessarily for editing images actually taken with a mobile phone. With support for images that contain up to 12 megapixels, Adobe Photoshop Touch for mobile is designed to take on a decent workload.

With a Creative Cloud membership, users can start a project on their mobile phone, pick it back up on their tablet, and finish it off with their desktop. Everything is designed to be a virtually seamless experience for the user.

Users who sign up for the Creative Cloud now will get 2GB storage for free.


What do you think about Adobe Photoshop Touch being released for mobile? Will you use Adobe Photoshop Touch? If you are a Photoshop Express Take Your iPhone Photos To The Next Level With Adobe Photoshop Express [iPhone] Take Your iPhone Photos To The Next Level With Adobe Photoshop Express [iPhone] Adobe is already known for its amazing artistic applications like After Effects, Flash, and Photoshop. However, it has always typically established its home in the desktop realm. The company's software was typically meant for professionals,... Read More user, do you see a reason to upgrade? Do you believe that Adobe Photoshop Touch for mobile has any purpose?

Source: Adobe via Digital Trends

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