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Adobe Reader X Adds Protected Mode for Windows Users, Android Gets New Features [News] adobereaderAdobe has been busy improving their flagship PDF reader with enhanced security features to mark the release of Adobe Reader X.

The new version includes Protected Mode which provides a secure sandbox area within which scripts are able to run, but not affect the general working of the program or the user’s PC.

The company has been working closely with other developers who have employed similar technology, including the Microsoft Office team and the guys behind Google Chrome. The security sandbox was introduced in an attempt to reduce the risk of malware and other nasties taking advantage of your PC.

Android and Mac users however will notice a distinct lack of Protected Mode in their version (which is shares the same Adobe Reader X name), though whether heightened security is required yet for these devices remains to be seen.

Kyle Randolff, an Adobe engineer said: “A sandbox is distinguished by the restrictions it places on a piece of running code. Software, on the other hand, is evaluated based on its usefulness. Balancing these competing goods – preventing bad software from doing bad things, while allowing good software to be useful – is the impossible challenge the sandbox engineer faces.”

Android users will be treated to a few new (and previously requested) features including support for tablets, Go To Page, a search feature, the opening of Portfolios, password-protection and the ability to share PDFs via email.


Adobe Reader X Adds Protected Mode for Windows Users, Android Gets New Features [News] adobe reader update

Adobe has issued 7 updates this year in order to repair security holes within its Reader application, so hopes are high that Protected Mode will take some of the strain off those over-worked software engineers.

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