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Adobe has released a new version of the free Photoshop Express for Android. The updated app has been designed from scratch with enhanced performance in tune with the new KitKat version of the operating system. Adobe’s new and faster image rendering engine powers the app in Android’s latest version. The face of the app also gets a more user-friendly refresh.

Users might notice the more powerful image rendering engine under the hood. Accessing and processing images saved on the SD card is now faster than before. The added power also makes handling larger file sizes easier. On the design front it gets quicker access to commonly used features like Looks (filters), cropping, red eye reduction, and auto-correct should make things easier for snap-happy smartphone photographers as soon as they click a photo. The Corrections menu has also been overhauled with slider controls to fine-tune exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint, and more.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Every photography app worth a mention has focussed on photo storage in the cloud and photo sharing. Adobe is no different – Adobe Revel lets you keep all of your family photos and videos organized in one place, and available to share just with whom you want. This feature is now integrated with Adobe Photoshop Express. You can easily save all your photos to Revel and share it from there when you feel like it. Adobe Photoshop Express still retains its most attractive feature – its free price. Head to the Google Play Store and try it out. Of course, come back and tell us all about it.

Source: Adobe Blog

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