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Creative Suite users, you’ll soon be switching to the Cloud. Adobe announced on Monday at its Annual MAX event that it would be dropping CS and completely replacing it with its newest service: the Creative Cloud.

Adobe has explained that this major transition is an effort to peacefully combat piracy and make smaller, more frequent updates to the company’s products over the course of the year, rather than dropping them all at once in an upgraded version.

Creative Cloud itself has also been updated to become a highly focused app that pushes product updates and important notifications directly to your desktop. In the past, Creative Cloud users had to log into the service to download updates. The Creative Cloud package includes all of Adobe’s products along with online storage and the ability to communicate with your team and others using the Creative Cloud Community.

The price-tag for all of this might seem a bit hefty for some. A year’s subscription is $50 a month for the entire assortment of Adobe’s tools (like Photoshop), and for $20 a month you can subscribe to a single tool. However, for the first year, the complete package is only $30 a month.

This sudden switch has both its pros and cons, and the big change has caused a great deal of controversy among users. On a related note, another big change is the complete purging of Fireworks, a product that will not be part of the Creative Cloud update.


What do you think? Do you like the new Creative Cloud? Should Adobe still sell stand-alone packages?

Source: Gizmodo, TheNextWeb

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