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Web developers aren’t just faced with the challenge of producing websites for a variety of browsers – they have mobile devices to worry about, too. Fortunately, there’s Adobe Edge Inspect, a free app for seamless desktop and mobile website comparisons. To make the app work, you’ll need three different downloads – the desktop app, the mobile app, and the Chrome extension. All three work together to provide an easy experience for the user.

Edge Inspect connects your mobile devices to your desktop on the same network, allowing for synchronized browsing between them all. Whenever you pull up a website on Chrome, its mobile version automatically pops up on your phone. Furthermore, whenever you click a link, change tabs, or refresh, the mobile app will mirror your action.

adobe edge inspect

The app also has a few more technical features. For instance, you can take a screenshot (sending it to a designated folder for records) and show fullscreen on all devices. You can also change a website’s code on the fly, updating the mobile version as you go. Realistically, the app doesn’t have many features, but what it does offer is of superior quality.

adobe edge inspect

Web developers and designers alike can find a great deal of usage with Adobe Edge Inspect. It’s practical, sleek, but most of all, it’s functional. Adobe Edge Inspect does exactly what it says it will do, and you can’t beat that.



  • Seamless browsing synchronization between all your devices.
  • Mobile screenshots can be taken either on the device or your desktop.
  • Code changes can be made on the fly.
  • Creative Cloud integration.

Get started with Adobe Edge Inspect now.

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