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If you want to reconnect with a former friend, classmate or a relative and want to find out their email address, head to Address Search. It is a free extensive directory that containts over 68 million email addresses in its database. They check their email directory for possible matches and then run those matches against a telephone directory, which increases the chances that you will find an email of the right person.

Simply enter name and surname, choose state and press “search email”. If there are matches, you will see the complete list. Email addresses are not shown to protect the privacy of recipients. But you can still contact that person via online form.

lookup email addresses


They also let you do a reverse email lookup, which means that you know the email but want to find out the owner of that email. Simply enter the email and click to check if they have possible matches.


  • Free extensive email database with over 68 million email addresses
  • Search for email by providing name & surname
  • Reverse lookup – search for name & surname by providing email address
  • Free service, no registration

Check out Address Search @

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  1. Sanjay Srikonda
    June 23, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    I searched for myself, not found, I searched for 10 people I know, all not found. Not really useful if my email hasn't changed in about 12 years.