Adding Events To Google Calendar Via SMS (And More!)

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sms to google calendarSo many of us use Google Calendar every day without once thinking about all the extra useful things it’s capable of doing for you. Every now and then you probably find yourself paying attention to a Google Calendar feature you hadn’t really thought of or noticed before and thinking “Well, I should definitely set that up – That’s SO USEFUL!”. No doubt adding calendar entries by SMS will be another one of those things.

If you don’t have a smartphone, this is a feature which could be indispensable to you. SMS access is the ideal gateway between regular phones and the internet, as Twitter noticed to great effect. Check out how easy it is to set up SMS Calendar entries and other useful goodies!

Now obviously, if you have a smartphone where your local calendar is syncing with Google Calendar perfectly you might wonder why you’ll need to add entries by SMS. It could be the perfect way to add an entry when you don’t have 3G access and need to alert a third party immediately to something you’re entering into a shared calendar.

Writing & Submitting The SMS Calendar Entry

Users can type out the SMS calendar entry using simple language and Google Calendar will interpret it and enter it in for you. For instance, an entry like “Lunch with Rebecca at Riverside Restaurant 1pm Monday” will be entered as “Lunch with Rebecca” in a time slot of “1pm Monday” and with the location of “Riverside Restaurant”.

All entries are added to your primary calendar.

sms to google calendar

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It’s much the same process as when you enter a calendar entry using Quick Create from within Google Calendar itself.

Checking Your Upcoming Events Via SMS

Google allows US Google Calendar users to check their upcoming Calendar entries via SMS. All you have to do is send a quick SMS to Google Calendar and it will return your upcoming events in the format you request.

sms to google

These are the commands you can use in the body of the message:
‘next’: request your next scheduled event.
‘day: request all of your scheduled events for the present day.
‘nday’: request your events scheduled for the following day.

Note that it can only send you information from your primary calendar.

SMS Notifications of Calendar Entries

SMS notifications of calendar entries can be set up on a per-event basis or for every event in a given calendar. This is fantastic news for families sharing calendars or for people importing events from Facebook as it means you can receive reminders a couple of hours before something is due to happen so that you won’t miss out on events or worry about people unnecessarily.

sms to google

SMS Calendar Entry And Checking Only Available In The US

The SMS event creation number is only available in the US at the moment. The shortcode number spells the word GVENT (48368) to make it memorable.

Calendar notifications, however, are available in most countries worldwide.

Setting Up Mobile Phones In Google Calendar

Whether you’re going to use notifications, calendar entry or checking your calendar by SMS, you’ll need to verify your mobile number with Google. It’s pretty easy to do.

sms to google calendar

Head to Google Calendar Settings > Mobile Setup and enter your mobile phone details. You’ll be sent a verification number by SMS which you can then enter into that same page. Once you’re done, Google will be able to send Calendar notifications and receive your requests if you live in the US.

More on Google Calendar

Google Calendar has so many useful tips and tricks you can make use of. Here’s a handful more you might like:

What’s your favorite Google Calendar trick? Are there any add-ons or Greasemonkey scripts for Google Calendar which you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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