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Netflix has changed, and continues to change, the television industry. The streaming service has turned binge-watching A Short Guide To Binge-Watching [Weird & Wonderful Web] A Short Guide To Binge-Watching [Weird & Wonderful Web] Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video have turned binge-watching into a mainstay of the mainstream. Before you begin binge-watching TV you should arm yourself with some important information. This short guide helps. Read More into a national pastime, produced some highly original programming, and enabled millions of people to cut the cable cord.

As Netflix is now available in 190 countries Netflix Expands Everywhere, Oculus Pricing Causes Rift... [Tech News Digest] Netflix Expands Everywhere, Oculus Pricing Causes Rift... [Tech News Digest] Netflix is now available in almost every country, the Oculus Rift will cost you $599, Politwoops embarrasses backtracking politicians, Psychonauts 2 is getting made, and Trevor from GTA V is now selling Old Spice. Read More worldwide, we felt the time was right to question our readers on their Netflix usage. And if you don’t (yet) have Netflix, don’t worry, as there is also a box for you to tick. Welcome to this week’s MakeUseOf Poll!

New Year, Old Geek

To answer this week’s question please scroll down the page until you see the poll staring back at you. But first, we need to look at the results from last time, when we asked, “Have You Made a Tech-Related New Year’s Resolution? Have You Made a Tech-Related New Year's Resolution? [MakeUseOf Poll] Have You Made a Tech-Related New Year's Resolution? [MakeUseOf Poll] You might have made countless new year's resolutions for 2016, but we're particularly interested in those resolutions involving technology. Welcome to this week's MakeUseOf Poll! Read More

Out of a total of 64 votes, 45.3% chose No, I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions, 21.9% chose Yes, Amongst Others, 15.6% chose I Refuse to Answer This Dumb Question, 12.5% chose No, Just Other Non-Tech-Related Resolutions, and 4.7% chose Yes, My Resolutions Are All Related to Technology.

With just 64 people choosing to vote in this poll, any conclusions drawn from the results will be inconclusive at best. However, it turns out most of those who voted don’t even make new year’s resolutions Keep Your New Year's Resolutions With Help From Reddit [Weird & Wonderful Web] Keep Your New Year's Resolutions With Help From Reddit [Weird & Wonderful Web] Do not allow yourself to fail at keeping your new year's resolutions this time. Help yourself and others succeed using Reddit and its surprisingly helpful community. Read More , and a significant percentage of those who do didn’t make any involving technology.

A special mention must go to the 15 percent of readers who ticked the box marked, “I Refuse to Answer This Dumb Question,” thereby immediately showing themselves up as liars. With such a low number of people voting, I’ll take anyone, even liars!

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Comment of the Week

We only received two comments on the last poll, from Peter Fitzsimmons and Colonel Angus. It seems a little unnecessary to pitch these fine readers against each other, so they jointly win Comment of the Week, along with our admiration and affection.

Peter wrote:

“I have made a vow (yes vow!) to finally get off my bum and create music using my laptop. I have been toying with Soundtrap for the past few months on my Chromebook and have taken the plunge with a premium account. Using this I have promised myself to create an album’s worth of music before the end of the year.”

“I am under no illusion that this is just for my own pleasure, I won’t make it big or become famous (the occasional comment of the week on MUO is more than enough for me!), but having paid a discounted rate for full access to the site is enough to make sure I get my money’s worth. It’s only the 3rd of January as I write this, but I have got two half finished tunes already.”

“I also plan to grow a beard, but until science finds a reason to add Bluetooth to my face, that one will remain under “non-tech related” resolutions.”

Angus wrote:

“I resolve to make good use of the Fitbit my wife gave me as a Christmas present. I’m amazed at how much walking I do during the day just through my normal activities.”

We wish them both luck with their resolutions, which involve making music A Quick Look At The iPad As A Music Production Tool A Quick Look At The iPad As A Music Production Tool When deciding whether one can justify the purchase of a tablet, rarely does "music production" factor into the decision-making process – but it should. Read More and keeping fit 8 Easy Exercises To Help You Stay Fit At Your Desk 8 Easy Exercises To Help You Stay Fit At Your Desk Staying fit at your desk is actually possible. Here are some exercises anyone can do. Some don't even require getting up, others take no longer than 10 minutes out of your daily routine. Read More , respectively. Maybe they should combine their powers and make music designed to help others keep moving in order to get fit. After all, music is an extremely powerful tool.

Watching the Hours Tick By

And so we arrive at this week’s question, in which we ask you to be honest about how much you watch Netflix. I’m sure I’m not alone in having spent entire weekends watching Netflix, but those lazy days are rare and exceptional. We want to know what happens in an ordinary week.

You may have had Netflix for years, in which case just work out an average of your current usage. On the other hand you may have only just got Netflix, in which case tell us how much you have used it in your first week. A rough figure is good enough… we’re not expecting anyone to clock in and out.

Once you have voted in the poll above, please explain in the comments section why you voted that way. If you have Netflix and watch it a lot, have you ever run out of interesting content? If you don’t have Netflix, why not? Is it too expensive? Not available in your country? Or simply not on your radar?

The more information you can provide with your comment, the more accurate our conclusions can be based on the results. The best comment of the week will win our everlasting admiration and affection. At least until we all meet back here again this time next week with a new question.

Image Credits: Shardayyy via Flickr

  1. Leah
    January 19, 2016 at 3:29 am

    I binge watch TV. I love classic TV and there are some okay shows on Netflix that I watch just to see them from beginning to end in order. I work from home so I let the shows run while I work. It helps that I have an internet connected TV (thanks, Mom and Dad, for the birthday present).

  2. Xoandre
    January 19, 2016 at 3:09 am

    I have found that 90% of the Netflix content is unwatchable rubbish. The few key gems are what I watch. The first half of every month, I will see what new items they have added (usually 30 pieces of worthless garbage and 2-3 things I may or may not care about).

    But for the most part, I am bored and considering discontinuing my Netflix Account because there is no innovation and their release schedule is pathetic.

    What would bring revolutionary change and amazing subscription increases would be:

    1. Reinvent the search feature when using Google TV to stream Netflix. As it stands, you can search by title of the program or by actor name. There are no GENREs (other than the redundant ones suggested and filled with the same 10-20 Films/TV Series).

    2. Time-shift the release schedule so that each of the Netflix Original shows comes out 1 month after the previous release. Having all 10-20 Netflix shows coming out at one time and then leaving us binge-watchers without any further content for 6 months to a year after we have finished the season allows loss of interest.

    3. STOP listing the same 3 films or shows in every single category. Dreamworks' PENGUINS is not a THRILLER or a SCI-FI film. It's not a Documentary or a Foreign-language film. Yet it appears in every one of those categories. HOW TO MAKE A MURDERER is not a Comedy or a Family Favorites, but it lists as such in those and other inappropriate categories.

    4. Get rid of the filler. Browsing through my full screen of options on Netflix, I see 50 of the same exact titles in every row of suggested content. I also see rubbish strewn all over the place - things that they sell at Dollar stores on DVD that NO ONE WANTS TO BUY.

    5. With my 75MBps connection and nothing else running, my speedtest comes back perfectly fine. However, streaming a 45 min TV Episode on MEDIUM QUALITY causes the LOADING screen mid-way through the show. NETFLIX has a long road to make their content streamable on their end. That being the whole point, it's high time they make it their primary focus.

  3. Joseph Krak
    January 18, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    I tend to binge watch on the weekends. After I dump some of my favorite shows from Tivo, I inevitably end up on Netflix. I only run out of content because I look at their suggestions rather than searching for a specific title. There's a lot of "B" and sometimes "C" content on the site but I have found user stars to be irrelevant. Many the time a 3-star movie has turned out to be memorable and many the time a 4-star movie turned out to bomb for me. I don't find it expensive and I find their original series' to be outstanding. Just hope they don't up the price to pay for all the countries they are expanding to.

  4. Rhanceed
    January 18, 2016 at 12:03 am

    I do not have netflix.....i am trying to save money to bring a hot russian bride to canada j/k

  5. John E.
    January 17, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    If it was easier to get Netflix going on the living room TV, I would probably watch a bit more of it. Currently we have to go to the Wii box and launch it from there. Our next TV is going to have direct access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

  6. likefun butnot
    January 17, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    I've had a Netflix account since 1998. I use it to get discs in the mail, which I rip and send back. I sign in to Netflix on my devices, but literally the only things I have streamed rather than waiting for disc releases are Daredevil and AKA Jessica Jones.

    Netflix for streaming is more of a hassle than I care to deal with. I'd rather look at my own local
    content library.

  7. Mark “Mr. Marcus” Major
    January 17, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    I use a steaming box to watch my movies. I mostly use Kodi (even though some question it's legality) and Amazon Prime for one simple reason, ease of finding new releases. As popular as Netflix is, it's a cumbersome most of the times to find-out what's new, what's coming and what's going. Most of the times you have to employ a 3rd party site (app) to improve or make less convoluted your search for the aforementioned items, even MakeUseOf suggests other sites you could use to simplify that may find yourself spending almost as much time finding something "good" to watch as you spend watching what you've found. Sometimes a simple search my do but sometimes not...(??) It all depends on setting it up correctly, using the "stars", "personalizing" it to your "taste" and profile, "rating" your movies etc. All to annoying at times...
    Oh yeah, don't forget the whole geo-content issue and now they're after folks with DNS & VPN's...

  8. Peter Fitzsimmons
    January 17, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    I spent months working out if I would my moneys worth from Netflix having only a tiny 5Mbps internet connection and 6 months after taking the plunge I can honestly say it has been worth every penny.

    I work from home and have more time than most to spend in front of the TV.

    From watching shows I loved like House, Extras, QI to new stuff like Daredevil and the amazing Jessica Jones, both from Marvel, I have managed to convince the Wife to give Stargate a try.

    She is now as addicted as I am. Although it leaves Netflix on the 1st of Feb so she has the last two seasons to watch in two weeks - tough challenge!

    It's constantly on in our house to the point where my parents pop round just to watch House of cards, House, Lie to me.

    Thinking about it, Netflix is a curse because I can't get rid of unwanted guests.

    My only real gripe is geographical restrictions means I feel I am missing out on tons of stuff that US or other countries get.

    I'm not one to use a VPN or anything like that, but i hope sometime in the future that the makers of TV shows and films realise the missed opportunities of delivering a truly worldwide experience for their customers.

  9. pierre
    January 17, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    " I Don't Have Netflix "
    and don't plan to get it, either ...

    apart from lousy content, my 'net connection won't handle it ..

    & really can't see what the fuss is all about :)

    • bart
      January 17, 2016 at 2:24 pm


  10. Seb
    January 17, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    Not at all, netflix here is quite useless since they sold most of their exclusives to other companies before landing in my country. Aside from that, torrenting is priceless: I want to choose what I watch, not choose from a list somebody else made.

    • Dave Parrack
      January 31, 2016 at 12:21 pm

      Torrenting copyrighted content is also illegal, unlike Netflix!

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