How To Add Quizzes To WordPress Blog

00 Taking Test   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress BlogCurrently I’m involved in a small project of creating a website for distance learning. Having tinkered with WordPress for a while, I don’t have any second thoughts in deciding what the platform of the site should be. WordPress is already famous for its flexibility. With the right theme and plugins, you can turn a WordPress blog into almost anything that you need, such as a photo gallery.

Other than the teaching-learning process, another important part of education is the assessment process – to evaluate how well the students understand the lessons. The most common form of assessment are quizzes. So it’s only natural that this distance learning site that I’m working on should also be able to assess student understanding by adding quizzes to a blog.

The Quest For A Quiz Plugin

The challenge is finding the plugin to add the proper quizzes to your blog, one that is able to:

  1. Create multiple choice questions.
  2. Create as many quizzes and questions as we need.
  3. Explain the answer to the student after the test.
  4. Give an instant grade based on the test result.

After an extensive search session, I found Quizzin.

You can search and install the plugin easily from the “Plugin > Add New” menu of your blog’s sidebar.

01 Search and Install   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

After installation, go to the “Settings > Quizzin Settings” menu to customize several general settings.

02a Quizzin Settings   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

The settings page allows you to put all questions in a single page by checking the box, or spread the questions into several pages with the box unchecked. Users can also choose to hide or show the answer (at the end of the test or immediately after each answer).

Don’t forget to click the save button if you make some changes.

02b Quizzin Settings   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

To Quiz Or Not To Quiz…

The next step is to create the quizzes by visiting “Tools > Manage Quiz” menu.

03a Tools   Manage Quiz   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

Click “Create New Quiz” to add one. In my experiment, I only tried to create two, but I think you can add as many quizzes to your blog as you need.

04a Create New Quiz   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

Give the name of the Quiz and the description. For example: “English Test #3 for Grade 1

04b New Quiz   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

Then you can customize the “Final Screen“. This is what the test taker will see after he/she finishes the quiz. Similar to a blog post, Quizzin allows you to add pictures, video, sound and other multimedia files to this final screen.

04c New Quiz   Final Screen   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

The template comes with a pre-made final screen, but if you want to customize it further, there are some variables that you can use written below. Click “Save” after you finish.

04d New Quiz   Variables   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

In my experiments, the final screen on visual mode gave me white text on a white background. So it’s a bit difficult to edit as I have to select all the text to be able to see it. However, the HTML mode looks normal.

…That Is The Question

Go back to the “Manage Quiz” page to add the questions.

05a Manage Questions   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

Click the “Create New Question” link to add a question. Repeat this step to add more questions. To display the questions, just put the given code into any post.

05b Manage Questions   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

Add the questions, choices of answers, and determine which one of the options is the correct one. There are only four choices of answer but if you need more, you can add a new answer by clicking on the small link below.

05c Answers   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

If you want to explain why the correct answer is correct, put some explanation in the box. This explanation can be displayed to the test taker if you choose to do so in the settings above. Having explanations for the mistakes will be a very good way to learn for students.

05d Explanation   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

Click “Save” and you will be back to the add question page.

05e Question added   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

After you have finished with all the questions and answers, you are ready to put them in the blog post. Just create a new post and insert the code.

06 Making a post   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

This is the result with the choice of answers. After choosing one, test takers can click the “Show Result” button.

07 Result   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

And the result of their quiz will be displayed immediately after they finish taking the quiz.

08a Test Result   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

There’s also the right answer and the explanation below.

08b Explanation of answers   How To Add Quizzes To Wordpress Blog

Not Just For Teachers

Before finding Quizzin, I searched the web and found out that there are lots of people with the same problem – the need to create quizzes for a blog or website. I hope Quizzin will be a solution for them as it is for me. A good quiz maker for WordPress is a bit hard to find. Even though Quizzin might not be the perfect one, it does its job well.

If you have any opinions, thoughts, ideas, or if you know other alternatives, please share using the comments below.

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wow, i got similar idea. i try to create is as wp plugin. This is great…you inspire me to do accomplish similar feature for my blog.

Thijs van Iersel

It’s a great plugin but I need some extra feature. I want the results mailed to me when someone did the test. I didn’t found a plugin with that feature. Someone know’s a plugin like this?


adding so many questions say 20-25 is real headache with if you r working question answer blog