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00 reading girls magazineTopics like “Are you smarter than Paris Hilton?”, “Is he (or she) the right one for you?”, “What will my baby look like?”, and “What Pokemon are you?”, are just a few examples of quizzes that you will find on the pages of magazines. There’s a good reason why these quizzes have survived on those pages for years and will likely stay for years to come: people just love doing quizzes – except for the ones you get at school.

And with the dawn of the internet age, these quizzes have also expanded to the virtual world. They are everywhere, from simple webpages, to blogs, to social network sites. Quizzes can help liven up any kind of site by involving visitors to the site’s activities.

00_Quibblo_LogoWhile doing research for my previous article: How To Add Quizzes To Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog, I found a web service called Quibblo that allows you to add quizzes virtually everywhere you want them to. We’ve peeked at this service a little while back, but I’d like to cover more about one of its special features: the ability to add quizzes to Facebook and other social networks.

Querying The Quizzes

Anybody can drop by and use Quibblo without registration. There are many things that you can do on Quibblo as an unregistered visitor, like: taking today’s poll, entering sweepstakes, or taking other available quizzes.

Add Quizzes To Your Facebook Profile Page & Other Places 01 Todays poll

But to create your own quizzes, you have to be a registered member. The registration link is at the top right corner of the page.



After going through the usual registration and confirmation process, you can continue on to create your quiz.


There are four kinds of quizzes that you can choose: Poll, Survey, Scored Quiz and Personality Quiz.


For the purpose of writing this article, I tried to create a poll by clicking the “Create Now” button.


A new window will appear. Fill in the blank fields with the poll question and answers. There are only two answer fields there but you can add more choices of answers by clicking the “Add An Answer” button. You can also add an image to your poll to enhance it and decide whether there’s only one single answer allowed.


Click “Continue” to go to the poll settings. Here’s the place to add tags to your poll and place the poll under certain categories. Click the “Show all categories” link to reveal more options. Each category will expand to sub-categories if you check the box.


After clicking the “Preview My Poll” button, the final result will appear. You can continue on with the editing process or finalize the poll.


Share Away!

Then the sharing time comes. Quibblo allows you to share your quizzes to many networks like MySpace, Facebook and WordPress. Click the “More” button to reveal more networks. For this article, I want to add Facebook quizzes, so I click the corresponding button.


Quibblo told me that a new Facebook window should open.

Facebook quizzes

On with the login process to Facebook.

Facebook quizzes

Facebook will ask you to allow the application (powered by Gigya) to access your stuff.


After allowing the access, you can share the widget with your friends. If you don’t want to do it, you can just skip the sharing process.


To add the quiz widget to your Facebook profile page, click the “Add to Profile” button.


Another confirmation window will pop up.


After confirmation, the poll widget will show up in your profile page.



The walkthrough described here is for a poll, but the process is more or less similar to other kind of quizzes.

To add your quizzes to other networks, all you have to do is click the corresponding buttons. There might be slight differences in the steps. For example, to add a quiz to a WordPress blog, you need to provide Quibblo with your username, password, and the blog address.


And even though we were discussing the “fun” type of quizzes here, you can also use Quibblo to create “serious” kinds of quizzes. Something like the one that we discussed in my previous article about creating quizzes.

Do you like quizzes? Have you tried Quibblo? Do you know other alternatives?  Please share using the comments below.

Image Credit: Matt Ryall

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  1. bractus
    February 18, 2010 at 9:11 am

    I am not familiar with Quibblo, but do you know that they have development API like WebService or REST interface?
    If so, I would like to integrate quibblo with my applications.