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If you’re a lover of Google’s famous Gmail, you’ll be very pleased to note that you can now add your own photos to your Gmail theme. Gone are the days of choosing between Google’s theme choices. Now, your theme is whatever you want it to be.

Not everyone will be able to personalise their Gmail today, though. The new photo background feature will be rolled out slowly over the next few days, so if you can’t see the option straight away you will need to be somewhat patient.

It’s easy to upload your own photo to Gmail via the Settings > Themes page. The new theme photos are thoroughly integrated with Google+, however, so you can quickly choose photos from your Google+ photo collection if you don’t want to upload photos directly.

When using your own photos as your background, Gmail will limit you to choose between either the Light or Dark theme. If you prefer not to use your own photos, you can use whichever Gmail theme you like.

Check out Gmail’s promo video to see some ideas for your own photo backgrounds.


If you don’t have a photo of your own, but you want to give photo backgrounds a try, take a look at Gmail’s featured tab in the theme area. You’ll find photo backgrounds by professional photographers ready for you to use.

Will you be trying out a photo background for Gmail? Will you use a professional photo or your own?

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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