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add live web pages to powerpoint slideThe new web is constantly changing with updated information every few minutes. Take Twitter streams for instance; if you are a busy Tweeter, then there’s something new with each blink of the eye. Now, how do you capture such evolving web pages on a PowerPoint slide?

Linking to a web page via a URL is a simple but so old world. Instead you want a PowerPoint solution that lets you stay within the presentation and showcase a web page in its full browsing glory.

That’s where LiveWeb, a little free PowerPoint add-in comes into the picture. LiveWeb will add live web pages to a Powerpoint slide and refreshes the web pages in real-time during a slide show. You don’t have to go outside your presentation to show your audience a web page.

It is just like using your presentation as a browser. It goes without saying that you need a live internet connection for the live experience (and a good stable one).

A Small Download & A Simple Installation

LiveWeb supports all PowerPoint versions starting from PowerPoint 97 to the latest 2010. Downloading and installing the LiveWeb add-in is a quick affair. The add-in is just 51KB in size.

In PowerPoint 2003, installation of the LiveWeb add-in is from the Tools – Add-ins menu.


In PowerPoint 2007, you have to follow the path: Office Button – PowerPoint Options – Add-Ins – Manage (PowerPoint Add-ins) and click on Go to bring up the box that installs add-ins.

add live web pages to powerpoint slide

A macro security warning pops up. Enabling macros allows the installation to go through.

add live web pages to powerpoint slide

Inserting A Web Page On A Slide

Inserting a “˜Live’ web page on one of your slides is a simple 3 step process with the LiveWeb add-in.

  • From the Insert menu on the Ribbon, click on Web Page in the LiveWeb group.
  • The LiveWeb wizard opens up. Enter the URL of the web page that you want to display.

embed web pages in powerpoint

  • In the next page, you have the option of enabling a refresh of the web page. A second option enables the placement of a temporary PowerPoint autoshape over the slide to eliminate the whiteouts between page refreshes.

embed web pages in powerpoint

  • The last step allows you to set some size and position parameters for displaying the web page on your slide optimally.

embed web pages in powerpoint

  • Clicking on OK closes the wizard and now your slideshow is ready to display the web pages that will be refreshed in real-time.

Your slideshow now resembles a full screen browser without toolbar controls. In fact to use the commands for browsing, you have to right click on the browser object.

You can change the properties of the web page slide anytime from the Edit Page Property button on the LiveWeb menu. The size of the inserted web page can be changed by dragging the corner handles of the browser object. You can use the remaining area of the slide for inserting any other PowerPoint element.

Some Uses Of Using A Web Page Within A Slideshow

I went searching for this app when I had to prepare a slideshow on environmental pollution. Instead of showing static images, I decided to use the topical example of the BP oil spill. Integrating a few web pages from BP’s own site and others like Reuters and National Geographic helped me show how the popular media is discussing the issue. Extending it to catch real time Twitter net chatter also helped to make the presentation more interactive.

When a slide serves like a web page, many uses can be found for it; from education to displaying information. How will you stretch the utility of the LiveWeb PowerPoint add-in?

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