Do You Use Adblock? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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Last week we asked for your opinion regarding Instagram on Android. With only 186 voted on this poll, the main conclusion is that this is not an issue many of you care about, which is as good an answer as any!

So out of 186 votes in total, 36% think it’s good to have Instagram on Android, 9% think Android users are ruining Instagram, 21% don’t care either way, 26% don’t even use Instagram, and 8% can’t use Instagram because it’s not available on their device.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

Another thing that happened this week, just after this poll was published, is the Instagram Facebook acquisition. With that in mind, Instagram users may not care as much about the Android version of the app anymore.


This week’s poll question is: Do You Use Adblock?

It’s no secret that we’re not big fans of ad blocking here at MakeUseOf. Adblock, and other ad blocking services, are used to block all ads from a certain page, which helps unclutter the page and avoid annoying pop-ups and videos, but also creates a problem for services which rely on ads for their revenue. Ad blockers can be used indiscriminately, with a whitelist or blacklist for certain websites, or not used at all. So where do you fit it? Do you use an ad blocker of any kind?

Why do you choose to use Adblock? Why do you feel it’s not really necessary? Share your opinions in the comments.

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Comments (128)
  • Sonny

    I love adblock, not just because it blocks all the annoying ads but videos ads, which is important because video ads like most, are buffered, ie: they’re downloaded to your system before viewing.. which means it’s taking up (wasting) bandwidth, and slowing your browsing down. This is especially bad news for mobile users who have limited bandwidth.. Let them charge for content.. I simply won’t go there. They’ll get tired soon enough of not making enough money. They’re far too prevalent now. I’ve seen sights that are close to 50% of the website.. ridiculous. An ad here and there is ok, but in todays internet, it’s just too much.

  • avmf8

    I block all adds 100% of the time. Advertising is nothing but manipulation. If you turn off addblock and get used to adds they start to manipulate you. I am not a conspiracy nut I have just seen actual advertisers talk and admit it is just that. they put it there to get brand recognition so when you are out to purchase something you may end up buying there brand. It may not be a huge manipulation but it still is a form of manipulation.

    Even if that is not the case which I doubt, I hate advertising. To me adds look allot like graffiti when you visit a site. Worse case scenario they are manipulating you, best case they are annoying and ugly and make many sites look like a trash dump.

    Sites say they use unobtrusive adds but that is not true. Advertising is looking to get your attention. So every add will be competing for your concentration. I see one add while reading and it throws me off. For that matter I find just a pic beside what I am reading distracting.

    In fact my addblock just as often blocks things that are not a commercials but I simply don’t like it. If I see a picture on a site for example and I think it looks ugly I block it.

    Having advertising shoved in my face over the years has made me develop a deep rooted hate for it. I flat out hate it so any advertisement is too much. It would be the equivalent of someone trying to read a article while someone was in the room bothering them. In fact I believe advertising should be removed from society entirely.

    Also if I see an addvert it does the opposite effect from what they want. If I have an advert for a product I am likely not going to purchase it. If someone wants me to buy something don’t come to me I will come to them from my own choosing. If I never came around its because I did not want it in the first place.

    That reminds me of yet another thing. Advertising acts like you are too stupid to know what you want unless someone shows it to you. The last thing I even bought from a advert was Final Phantasy 7 and anyone who games would know that was a long time ago. That game came out what 18 years ago?

  • Andrew

    I use Adblock not because of the stationary, ‘newspaper or magazine style’ ads, but the ads that jump across the screen or the ones that play automatically in a video you weren’t even going to watch. So you have to look for the ‘x’ to close it, or find where on the page the video is. Plus the dumb animations on some of them. Clever way for me to look sure, but just annoying. No thanks.

  • Paul

    Because ads are crap that clutter life and slow downloads. If free content disappeared from culture, we would have to choose what to pay for. Would this be the death of anything? Think about books, public libraries and what you read.

    Read about the Internet gift economy. Personally I pay for three websites that do not have ads and are a gift to users. I also run a store without ads. I faithfully mute commercials on television and mostly have limited my television watching to netflix disks of reruns.

    Go to Vermont or Maine and drive around. No billboards, gorgeous states. Yours would look as good without billboards. Why Americans love this crap is beyond me.

    It’s probably overreach to make the case that Americans wouldn’t have the obese, slothful, war mongering, juvenile, superstitious (and religious) culture that we have without advertising, but it’s one of my fondest fantasies. Viva Adblock.

    I donate to AdBlock and would pay for it. If I suddenly found myself with a windfall of cash, I would create the most obnoxious ads I could for AdBlock that would say. “Never put up with this crap again” in audio, video, animated gifs and blink tags and which took 3 minutes to load while displaying it’s message on an animated gif.
    Your site would probably refuse to run them.

    And thank you for promoting AdBlock with this article.

  • Dave

    Adblock might be a good choice today but if it continues this way it will result in websites providing payed content instead of free.

    Remember world wide web is free because of ads … and not because money grows on trees for webdesigners

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.
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