Do You Use Adblock? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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Last week we asked for your opinion regarding Instagram on Android. With only 186 voted on this poll, the main conclusion is that this is not an issue many of you care about, which is as good an answer as any!

So out of 186 votes in total, 36% think it’s good to have Instagram on Android, 9% think Android users are ruining Instagram, 21% don’t care either way, 26% don’t even use Instagram, and 8% can’t use Instagram because it’s not available on their device.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

Another thing that happened this week, just after this poll was published, is the Instagram Facebook acquisition. With that in mind, Instagram users may not care as much about the Android version of the app anymore.


This week’s poll question is: Do You Use Adblock?

It’s no secret that we’re not big fans of ad blocking here at MakeUseOf. Adblock, and other ad blocking services, are used to block all ads from a certain page, which helps unclutter the page and avoid annoying pop-ups and videos, but also creates a problem for services which rely on ads for their revenue. Ad blockers can be used indiscriminately, with a whitelist or blacklist for certain websites, or not used at all. So where do you fit it? Do you use an ad blocker of any kind?

Why do you choose to use Adblock? Why do you feel it’s not really necessary? Share your opinions in the comments.

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