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AcuityScheduling is a web-based appoinment scheduling tool that lets you setup automated scheduling application for your clients. For instance, if you’re a paid consultant it can help you automating customer registration and scheduling process. Additionally it offers you a panel from where you can conveniently manage appointments, keep a directory of clients and generate performance reports.

Appoinment Scheduling

AcuityScheduling Features

  • Create online appointment forms.
  • Create different appointment types (live chat, video chat, etc.) with custom appointment durations and pricing.
  • Manage and visualize appointments by: today, this week, this month, all appointments, OR for any specific date.
  • Export appointments to Excel or iCal.
  • Generate appointment and revenue reports.
  • Free account options: create up to 1000 free appointment forms and hoste them on AcuityScheduling website.
  • Premium accounts options: integrating AcuityScheduling to your wbesite, email reminders, eCommerce Shop, accept Credit Card payments etc. More details here
  • Check out live demo (no-login required).

Go to AcuityScheduling @ (

  1. Sam K
    July 10, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    This is some great info on appointment scheduling. This kind of software would be very useful in spa or salon businesses. It will absolutely help your bottom line by improving customer service and retention as well as saving you and your staff time. For more tips on improving your bottom line, you should visit my Hub Page on how appointment scheduling and other automation techniques can improve the bottom line of your spa or salon business.

    All the best,

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