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The Windows OS supports a dual monitor setup. But the native dual monitor support offers basic functionality which has a lot of room for improvement. Here to enhance your dual monitor setup on Windows is an app called Actual Multiple Monitors.

multiple monitor setup

Actual Multiple Monitors is a desktop utility for Windows operating systems. The app is sized at nearly 7 MB. You can install the application and use it to fully manage your dual monitor setup. In addition to standard dual monitor control features, you are able to set options like a multi-monitor taskbar. You can also control what your mouse actions do. The mouse can be easily moved to the other monitor or used for maximization.


Along with a free version, the app offers a Pro version that includes advanced features such as toolbars and desktop wrapping. You can get the Pro version for $29.95; it comes with a free 30 day trial.



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Image Credit: Everaldo Coelho

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