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If you are such a busy person that you tend to often forget what you were originally working on, then Actotracker might be for you. Actotracker is an app that essentially keeps a record of every single activity that you do with your Mac. It’s still in beta form with a few minor bugs here and there, but even still, it’s quite effective.

The app records activities into a “journal”, a document that displays everything that you do with your machine. Web URLs, document names, usage time, and even folder file paths are included. In short, Actotracker is quite similar to your browser history. However, it keeps a history of all activities – not just what you do on the Internet.

track activities on computer

Of course, in order for Actotracker to work, you have to set it up to automatically record. As a backup, there is the option to manually create records (by either clicking the “plus” icon or via drag-and-drop). However, that’s only for “just-in-case” situations. In order to take a closer look at your activities, you can use the Inspector tool which includes the name of the activity, its location (filepath or URL), and even a time-relevant screenshot of the desktop.


Actotracker users can benefit from the app in a variety of ways. For one, you can remember what you were working on at any given time of day. For another, you can find files you may have accidentally lost. As a last note, the app doesn’t let anyone spy on you by any means (like Activtrak, an employee activity tracker). Instead, everything is controlled by you for personal use.



Download Actotracker now.

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